Examples Of Sexism In Television Shows

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Nowadays, many of the television programs that many of us watch are usually sexist within their dialogue. However, many of us are unaware of this because our attention is being entertained by the show itself; so, we do not take the time to analyze and notice what we are truly watching. Many of us are being sidetracked by the different situations/entertainment found in the show. For instance, some examples used to cover up sexism in a television show are: comedy/humor, drama, sexuality, and violence; however, television shows are not the only ones that use this, movies and advertisements do too. The different examples, pull one’s attention into the situation, rather than the dialogue occurring between characters and how they speak to one another. However, there are ways to unravel the sex-linked differences between characters in television programs; we can analyze the different forms in which different sex, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and educational level individuals speak to one another. The intent of analyzing a television show is to demonstrate the sex-linked differences between a family and their gender roles and humor and drama are used to hide sexism. Furthermore, the sitcom The Middle will be used in order to prove and evaluate the sexism that still occurs in many television programs.
The television program: The Middle, is a sitcom based on a family (the Hecks) of five, whom are: mother (Frankie, 52), father (Mike, 54), son (Axl, 23), daughter (Sue, 21),

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