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Unit 323 1.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing the brief and budget of travel or accommodation arrangements with traveller(s). Confirming and agreeing the brief for travel is important in order to ensure all details and requirements are correct so that I can do my job without issues arising or being delayed due to incorrect information. The purpose of agreeing with the guest is so prevent issues arising, ensuring the guest is happy and comfortable with the accommodation provided. 1.2 Explain how to organise business travel or accommodation to meet expectations. In order to meet expectations of the guest, sticking to the brief is essential, asking them if they are happy with the property and if I can assist any further.…show more content…
Once apartment confirmation has been received, an invoice will follow shortly after. I then send the invoice to our accounts payable team, who put it in a system we use to process invoices. Once this has been submitted into my P2P queue (the system used for processing invoices), I am then required to fill out additional information like which cost centre should be charged, what the invoice is for (e.g. rent / training etc) and which country it is for (always U.K.). I am then required to forward the invoice for approval from someone who has the authority. b) Insurance and health precautions, if required. N/A c) Visas and passport requirements, if required. N/A d) Security and emergencies, if required. N/A 1.7 How to keep records of travel or accommodation arrangements, including financial records. Once confirmation is received, I add details of the guest and apartment into an excel spreadsheet that we use to keep track of how many apartments have been book etc. I add the confirmation document into a folder where apartment confirmations are stored. Also, I keep my own records on Outlook. 1.8 The types of information that are confidential and how to store them in line with current legislation. Information is stored in a number of different ways, apartment confirmation is stored on a shared drive that only a select few have access to. Paper copies are kept

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