Examples Of Social Determinants Of Health

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1. What is health?
When someone thinks of health, they usually think of someone that is in-shape and does not have any illnesses. Health involves much more than the physical body. It includes your mental health, such as how you feel about yourself. It also includes your emotion health, specifically stress.
The first required video states the social determinants of health as “diet, housing, family, environment and education” (Population Health). The required TED Talk states that the general determinants of health are “genetic predisposition, behavioral patterns, social circumstances, environmental exposure, health care,” and that the social determinants of health are “socioeconomic status, education, occupation, job security, housing, transportation, food access, neighborhood safety, violence prevention, social status (marginalization), social and environment stressors” (TEDx Talks). The first required article lists social determinants of health that are similar to the Population Health video; they are “economic stability, neighborhood and built environment, health and healthcare, social and community context and education” (Social Determinants). All the resources have the same generic idea, involving health, environment, education, family and work.
2. How do you define Social Determinants of Health?
I define the social determinants of health as anything that can affect your physical, mental or emotional well-being. This can include your actual diet and hygiene, along

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