Examples Of Violence In Trifles

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The objective of this essay is to show how and why the violence has been used in artistic representations through decades to make feminist claims and how its representation has changed from the 20th century to the 21st century. And, moreover, to know if the system has acted in changing its treatment to woman or not, and why nowadays the majority of the artistic feminist claims use sadism in their works.

In order to carry out these objectives , the essay will show a comparison between two feminist artistic representations from each century: Trifles 1916 and Mas vale Lola que mal acompañada 2017; and specific information from each representation like their plots, their origins or who are the main characters of each one.

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But, in Riba’s book the violence can be seen. The author shows it clearly and goes straight to what she wants to represent, such as that it has been criticised because some vignettes are too aggressive and sadistic. But Raquel Riba explained that, although she recognises that it creates a visual impact, this sadism is created to open the society minds. When men are abusive to women, there is an aggressive act, and to stop and radicalise it, Riba opted to take an aggressive act too as a way of solution. In an interview, the author ended this explanation on the sadism by saying: ‘ojo por ojo, diente por diente..’ This difference in explicit and non-explicit vidence shows the developing of the feminist revolution and ho it has been more radicalised through decades in order to fight for the women …show more content…

Trifles is a realistic play. The character of Minnie is based in a real wife named Margaret Horack who was accused of murdering her sixty-year-old husband, who was a farmer. And it is a real drama. However, in the case of Lola Vendetta, the plot and her are not realistic at all. We already know hat Lola Vendetta is a comic’s SuperHeroine and is an alter ego of her author, Raquel Riba Rossy, based in her daily situations and routine and all are represented in a humorist way. This connexion with the author’s daily situations can be understand as a realistic thing. However, it is represented through a non realistic way. That is to say that in real life you can deal with misogynist situations, but one can not just take a katana and use violence to deal with these situations, because hurting or killing people, although they are abusers, rapers or misogynist, goes against the law and one would be punished for that. This contrast that robs uses is a clearly clue to know why is necessary t use violence in feminist literature in order to change society

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