Cognitive Disequilibrium Essay

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Cognitive Disequilibrium

There will always be different kinds of intellects at classrooms. What are considered the worst students do not like to think through a problem or find out how a mechanism works, while some of the better students may understand the same concepts but do not think further about them once they are done learning what they had to learn. This is when the presence of a teacher asking them questions comes into play. A technique used to make students think further is called the cognitive disequilibrium.
Cognitive disequilibrium is in charge of daring students to think of better ways why something works the way it does. The name itself points at imbalanced knowledge towards a certain topic. Let’s take for example a group …show more content…

Like I said before, we need to plan out a pathway that leads us to our concluding ideas or theories.
Due to the fact that most of our work in lecture and discussion is based on partner or group talk; we need to be ready to give out our opinions on different matters with a solid argument. It is true that most of the concepts we learn about in lecture are somewhat familiar to us since we have dealt with them ourselves or we have seen people been affected by what researches have to say about cognitive development. However, it is always good to satisfy the need to learn more about different concepts by bringing up new information that will make us see the concept from a different angle. We need to be able to break down what we know about the concept, pick up the details that are still useful to us, get rid of the details that are no longer any useful, and accept the new details that will shape our concepts in different ways.
Goldilocks Principle
Another technique used by effective teachers deals with being able to assign tasks and assignments to students so that they fit their levels of skill or prior knowledge. The Goldilocks principle is appropriate for this, since it deals with finding the right level of difficulty materials that are given to students. Like Graesser mentioned it (2008), material that is too easy for the audience will be disregarded as it may seem repetitive from what the audience

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