Exaple of a Bad Marriage: Abelard & Heloise Essay

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The relationship between Abelard and Heloise is to this day regarded as one of the great romances of history. Their romance has been categorized with that of Dante & Beatrice and even Romeo & Juliet. Due to their captivating romance many historians and scholars alike have deeply studied the true essence of Abelard and Heloise's relationship. Some agree that their relationship was a true love romance; while others argue that their marriage was doomed from the moment they said `I do'. As well, there are some who believe Heloise was truly a victim and was taken advantage of by the one who should have loved her the most.

Georges Duby is one historian who has taken the time to examine the lives of prominent
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In Duby's extract, it is clear that he feels the marriage of Abelard & Heloise was inevitably doomed. When he writes, "First because it was celebrated hastily: a simple blessing, at dawn, before a few relatives...". (P.57), Duby feels that the right way to celebrate a truelove marriage is to invite all your family and friends even your enemies if applicable. It is even part of history that a wedding should be a public affair, that should be joyous. Signs of secrecy were due to bigamy and incest. Surprisingly the element of secrecy regarding marriage was the decision Heloise. She preferred the idea of them being lovers. In accordance with her wishes Abelard tried to basically keep the marriage (affair) secret by sending Heloise to a covenant.

Georges Duby also analyzes the marriage of Abelard & Heloise as doomed when he explains on page 57 of his extract, "... the intentions of the husband had not been good; Abelard himself admitted that he had been motivated by lust, by the desire to hold on to this woman, to keep her to himself forever,' ..." From this analysis, it can thought that Abelard may not have never
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