Executive Engineer Of The Caribbean Bauxite Company

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SUMMARY • John Baker, chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Company was promoted to Keso Mining Corporation near Winnipeg, a Canadian enterprise as a production manager of fast-expanding. • His final task is the assessment interview with the successor, Matthew Rennalls, the able young Barracanian. • Baker is an English expatriate, who preferred working overseas, because he felt that he had an innate knack. (bakat semula jadi) • It was pointed out to Baker that not only was Rennalls one of the brightest Barracanian prospects on the staff as at London University he had taken first class honours in the BSc engineering degree but he was also the son of the minister of finance and economic planning, he also had no small political pull. • Baker in the beginning of his interview with Rennalls, encouraged him by listing his good points, which were his technical abilities. • He then told him that he had noticed that Rennalls was more friendly and get on better with his fellow Barracanians than he was with Europeans. • A few more comments were given by Baker to Rennalls stating the superiority of the Europeans. • As a result, Rennalls gave his resignation in the company the next morning. • There was a miscommunication between John Baker and Matthew Rennalls. • Different culture between European and barracanian, there is some racialism. Even though Baker knows Rennalls background. • Rennalls is sensitive to political, racial, and equality issues. • Baker always emphasize that

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