Executive Information Officer For Mcconnell Spice

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Charles Jackson, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at McConnell Spice was recently tasked by the Board of Directors to find qualified knowledge sharing companies that would increase productivity, permit for better time utilization, and allow the company to maintain global acquaintances. Jackson’s main priorities entail determining which company would be suitable for the position, and impressing the board. Charles has to attain all needed resources to surpass the Board of Directors expectations.


Charles Jackson, Chief Information Officer for McConnell Spice for two years, brought the Idea of global knowledge sharing to McConnell Spice’s Company President Ann McConnell. Supporting the Idea, McConnell …show more content…

(citation) Through following these steps, Jackson will have a thorough understanding of each factor that plays a major role in determining the suitability of each firm for the position.
Identify the problem McConnell Spice is seeking a firm to assist McConnell’s IT Department in developing a global knowledge sharing application. Each firm will be presented to the board of directors equally. Unfortunately, There is also conflict as to whether Standard Systems is experienced enough to handle the job. There are major concerns as to whether there is bias behind this firm or if it is actually able to take the next step towards global networking.
Generate/Evaluate alternatives and select a solution By evaluating possible candidates, Jackson would have additional knowledge needed to make a just decision. This would include the companies experience, their contribution to other businesses, and major contributions they can offer to McConnell Spice. Prior evaluation would also allow for unbiased decision making because all information would be based on facts. This would allow little room for negative denunciations based off what others say about the firm. Standard Systems would have an equal chance to prove them worthy, based only on experience and company reports.

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