Executive Information Officer For Mcconnell Spice

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Charles Jackson, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at McConnell Spice was recently tasked by the Board of Directors to find qualified knowledge sharing companies that would increase productivity, permit for better time utilization, and allow the company to maintain global acquaintances. Jackson’s main priorities entail determining which company would be suitable for the position, and impressing the board. Charles has to attain all needed resources to surpass the Board of Directors expectations.


Charles Jackson, Chief Information Officer for McConnell Spice for two years, brought the Idea of global knowledge sharing to McConnell Spice’s Company President Ann McConnell. Supporting the Idea, McConnell presented the idea to the companies’ board of directors, leading to full support.
Having the idea approved by the board of directors, Jackson was asked to look into firms that could assist McConnell’s IT department in developing and employing a global knowledge-sharing application. After choosing his top three firms, Chadha accountants, Knowledge Sharing Systems LLC, and Bloomfire Inc., Jackson was able to submit his Recommendations to McConnell’s office. After thoroughly reviewing the firms, McConnell brought to Jackson’s attention that Standard Systems was not listed among his recommendations. Having a conflict of interest among both parties, Jackson must submit his unbiased recommendations to the board.
The process
By identifying the…
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