Executive Summary: CATSA Essay

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Executive Summary
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) maintains 3 critical issues. These issues are processing inefficiency, lack of communication between the departments, and insufficient planning. Mark Duncan has been given the task to fix these critical issues. Mark plans to use business intelligence (BI) system to help with these critical issues. Ideally a BI system should help analyze data by department, record important information, and help forecast traffic for future periods.
Although a BI system will definitely help them function more efficiently, they must also hire additional IT technicians that are more capable of maintaining the system. IT technicians will be able to repair or prevent any technical down time. …show more content…

Rather than waiting for after-hours to repair the screening equipment, CATSA has the option of hiring technicians for on site repairs and maintenance. The cost associated with hiring an IT technician is an estimated average annual salary of $48,652 (Exhibit 2).
The IT technician can also help CATSA prevent problems with their equipments by being able to detect problems within the systems and equipment early and fixing these problems. As a result, this could reduce the amount of time needed to repair equipment outside of regular operating hours.
Hiring IT staff will not only help maintain the systems and equipments but they will also be able to provide data backup. The IT staff will be able to implement a plan in the event of a catastrophe to be able to recover important data lost. These data could be from the analytics created by the BI system or the programs that are already set in place by CATSA (
As a result, it would be quite beneficial to hire an IT team of approximately 15 technicians for a total average annual cost to salaries of $729,780. This is a small price to pay when CATSA spent over $100 million to create the current systems. This $100 million would be the expected cost just to replace their systems; it would not take into consideration the amount of money lost due to down time from the systems being unusable.
Insufficient planning
The creation of

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