Exercise Among College Students : Exercise

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Abstract Obesity has been a struggle that Americans have been trying to fight over the years but according to study’s many Americans don’t exercise at all. Although exercise is encouraged to Americans the obesity rates continue to increase. College students are vulnerable to weight gain because of the environment and obstacles that surround them. A survey was conducted at the University of Texas at El Paso asking the students questions towards exercising. This literature review will inform the reader how exercise plays an important role in a student’s life benefiting them in a variety of ways. Exercise among college students: A Review of Literature Many individuals become concerned about their weight and talk…show more content…
Lack of exercise affects all individuals in any type of discourse community. Therefore college students should be encouraged to get exercise being that the students are vulnerable to gaining weight through college. Nelson (2009) expresses how parents are the encouragers and they report that 52% of students do not get exercise. If parents can encourage students to study, make friends, and join sports then why don’t they encourage them to exercise? Many college students are not aware of the importance of exercising and the benefits it comes with. A survey was taken at the University of Texas at El Paso asking the college students how important exercising was to them. Figure 1 shows the results: Out of 23 students 11 felt like exercising was extremely important. There was 2 students who believed exercise was slightly important which explains the numbers of Americans participating in physical activity going down. According to Desai (2008) “overweight and obesity are increasing nationally” (p. 1). In some cases lack of knowledge toward exercising can result in not getting the amount of exercise needed for the body and brain respond properly. Aballay (2013) informs the audience that the “National comparative studies found that the prevalence of obesity in the adult population is over 20% in 17 of 20 Latin American countries” (p. 2). The obesity rates are high in many countries; many have adjusted to this new lifestyle. According to Knopp (2010) the average weight
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