Weight Gain For College Students

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The topic that I have chosen is about weight gain in college students. This is a very important topic because people that worry about their body image, stress a lot over this issue. Some people would lose sleep, become depressed and isolate themselves when it comes to their body figure. This topic has significant value because if college student, especially freshman can control their weight throughout their college career, than they can live out a better life and be more focused on their social life, their school life and other important things. College students are known to have very unhealthy meal plans, which causes weight gain. However some college kids deal with weight gain in different ways. Some healthy choices students do when they diet are exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and create a healthy eating schedule. Other students make poor choices with dieting such as starve themselves, take diet pills and make themselves throw up after eating a meal. This is called “unhealthy dieting”. This leads to the question, when college kids diet, how do they do so? Weight gain is a serious problem among college students. Weight gain causes a lot of stress that can effect a person on how they live and how they view the values in life. With every choice they make, it can directly relate to how they are feeling, which is effected based on how they are feeling on their body figure. This is why diet plans or diet routines are very popular among college students because they will

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