Exercise And Nutrition During Pregnancy

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Teaching Project
Exercise and Nutrition during pregnancy
By: Logan Machin
Description of family and patient and their learning needs: Patient is Katy Press. Katy is a 32 year old female with a history of being obese and is currently 26 weeks pregnant with her first child. Katy came into hospital with concerns regarding the health of her developing child in regards to her personal health and lifestyle choices. She has a medical history of mild hypertension, poor diet, and slight osteopenia. Patient has had no complications thus far in pregnancy. During physical assessment of Katy no abnormalities were noted. Slight bilateral pedal edema from pregnancy and possible hypertension. All vitals at this time are stable with elevation in blood pressure at 150/90. When meeting with the family we were in the OBGYN’s patient room 101. The room is on the fourth story of DSN Memorial Hospital with windows looking outside to the east. The room is well lit and has a calming atmosphere to it. There are plenty of maternal magazines and pamphlets for the family and mother to read in regard to the mother, developing fetus, and newborn. The family present at this time was Katy’s husband John. John seemed to be an extremely supportive and loving husband to Katy. Katy was in the patient bed while the John sat in the chair next to the bed reading a magazine. When I introduced myself both Katy and John were extremely attentive and asked plenty of questions. When…
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