Exotic Adventures Essay

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Exotic Adventures Inc. The Amazon River Voyage

Executive Summary

Exotic Adventures Inc. is a company dedicated to provide customers with expedition style voyages. Their primary products are trips to the Polar Regions but because these are done just in the summer time, they also offer trips to the Amazon River during other times of the year. Voyages go from Brazil to Peru and are done during high water season. Suggestions from naturalists plus extensive research made them include trips to the Amazon during the low water season. Problems arouse when the company got informed by their Brazilian agents that the water level was too low to navigate while their Peruvian agents were stating everything was ok. At this point 52 passengers
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Run a sensitivity analysis if the trip is cancelled at October 8th, cancelled at Manaus, or turn back before Iquitos. Interpret the results for the sensitivity Graph and the Strategy Region.
If the trip is cancelled at Oct 8th



Based on the sensitivity chart it can be concluded that if the costs of canceling the trip on Oct 8th increase it will not impact the final decision but if otherwise they decrease it will impact the final decision.

If the trip gets cancelled at Manaus
Based on the sensitivity analysis made for option two which is cancelling the trip at Manaus it can be concluded that the final decision will be impacted just if the costs increase by more than 25% any change lower than 25% will
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