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Name: Soo Jin Park Date: 03/30/2015 Exp 4: Properties of Gases Lab Section: 73426 Data Tables: Hydrogen Step B: Describe the zinc and acid reaction. As placing a small piece of Zn(mossy zinc) metal into the test tube containing the diluted HCI(Hydrochloric Acid) solution, gas bubbles rose from the solution slowly at the beginning and vigorously in process of time. As this reaction continued for a long time, transparent solution turned into white opaque color and black precipitates were formed and floated. Step G: Record your observations with the flame and the hydrogen gas. When gently squeezing a small portion of the hydrogen gas into the flame, the flame showed small flash with a pop. Oxygen Step B: Describe the hydrogen…show more content…
Part 3 Step F: Observe and record the reaction results with the limewater. The lime water turned into white opaque color, and gas bubbles and white precipitate was formed, as placed the open end of the gas delivery tube(reaction between Alka Seltzer tablet + water) into the limewater. Part 4 Step C: Record your observations of your breath with the limewater. As I blow gently into the limewater with a straw, the limewater turned into opaque white color. Conclusion: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate some physical and chemical properties of gases and to use these properties to identify these gases when they are encountered. I could learn how to identity Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and hydrogen and oxygen mixture when they are present through this experiment. Before conducting this experiment, I should know the combustion chemical reaction first to predict right results. The most interesting thing was the experiment for gases of hydrogen and oxygen mixture. Through the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, H2O is produced. H2O is water as we know. So I just expected that flame would blow out due to the water vapor. But it was wrong. The flame grew bigger with a pop and a flash. To reduce error for this experiment, it was crucial to collect right amounts of gases from the reaction and handle it quickly for the next step due to properties of gases. Questions: A. Why do

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