Experiences Of Being A Teenage Mother

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Experiences of Being a Teenage Mother in the UK.
The aim of this review is to observe and describe the experiences of being a Teenage Mother. To also create guidelines to help develop a support programme that is contextual and relevant to the needs of teenage mothers. It was found that previous education experiences and social support groups were important factors in influencing the way teenage mothers have adapted to being a mother and how they practiced childcare. Becoming a teenage mother formed the feeling of responsibility within the maternal role which led to them showing affection towards their babies. However, teenage mothers appreciated the help they received from their families and health-care providers. Instruction and assistance with infant care has helped teenage mothers build their self-confidence in the maternal role and within childcare.
Executive Summary
The rate of teenage pregnancies continues to be higher in the UK than in most other European countries, yet there is a wide gap in suitable services for young mothers. Young mothers are at a higher risk of postpartum and postnatal depression than average, which is associated with feelings of isolation and low self-confidence. Postpartum depression, if not prevented, may have long-term significances for both the mother and her child.
Teenage pregnancy and motherhood is an important aspect of the government’s policies and procedures within the UK to challenge social prohibiting and health inequalities. It is…
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