Experiment on Diffusion Potassium Permanganate and Methylene Blue

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Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology
College of Science and Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences

In partial fulfillment of :
(Scientific Paper on Diffusion)

Submitted by :
Diate, Kim P. (B.S.E Gen.Sci.1)

Submitted to :
Olive S. Anies, Ph.D


This scientific paper investigates my hypothesis that "Higher molecular weight produce faster diffusion". Diffusion is a process of equalization which involves movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration (Biology 101.1). As Thomas Graham (1831-1833) found out on his study that gases of different nature diffuse with each other, it is a challenge as to how true it …show more content…

In performing the proper experimentation, we poured some of the methylene blue substrate in a piece of paper, for ease transport towards the agar plates. We performed it cautiously by not inhaling it, for it is a form of powder. We carefully place the substrate at the center of the agar plates, to ensure that is that there is enough space for diffusion to take place. After the moment we placed the substrate, we carefully placed a transparent ruler under the plate to measure the diameter of the substrate in 0 minutes. We carefully note the time, having a 15-minute interval and record the changes in the diameter of the substrate. We continued it, until we have an hour observation.
After gathering all the data, we solved for the rate of diffusion of each using the formula.
Rate= Final diameter-Initial diameter Time
After finishing the Methylene blue experiment, we followed the same procedure to Potassium Permanganate.
Each group presented the result to the white board, so that we can compare the results. We kept a record of the results and have a short conversation with our group mates in interpreting the results of the conducted experiment.

Towards the end, we throw the agar gel to the trash can, clean the petri dish, tighten the bottles and clean the tables where we performed the experiment.

RESULT (Group)
Table 1.1
Tabular presentation on the Result of the Diffusion rate of Methylene Blue and Potassium

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