Experimentals: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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I was led into a room that oddly resembled a doctor's office. I blinked, glancing around. I wonder if this'll be just like a normal doctor's appointment. Part of me hoped it would be and that I would be free to go afterward. Another part of me highly doubted I'd be released to go home after this. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was going on here, but whatever it was, it wasn't normal.
"Go sit," Jake ordered, interrupting my thoughts. He was pointing to a metal table at the other end of the room.
Gulping softly, I headed over to the exam table (yes, it was just like the ones at the doctor's office.) I paused before I got on it with a frown. "Wh-what will happen to m-me here?" I once again silently cursed myself for my stutter.
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"W-why are you doing th-this?" I asked as I watched the needle go in.
"It's just to see how heathy you are," he replied, focused on the syringe instead of me.
"B-but why's it m-matter?" I asked. I'm pretty sure I was taken here against my will, so why would anyone here even care if I was healthy?
Dr. Zaki took the needle out and put a small bandage on the inside of my elbow to stop it from bleeding. "It matters because I need to know if you are a good candidate."
I was surprised when the needle and syringe disappeared. So surprised that it took me a second to register the strange doctor's words. "C-candidate...?"
Dr. Zaki nodded, not seeming fazed by the disappearing objects. I guess it shouldn't be that shocking that vanishing objects are common here. "Yes. So far, you seem to fit the requirements."
"R-requirements for wh-what?" I asked, curiosity mixing with slight apprehension.
"You'll find out soon," Dr. Zaki said, adding irritation to my mixture of emotions. Why won't anyone give me a straight answer here? It was starting to get old really fast.
A paper suddenly appeared in Dr. Zaki's hands, which made my eyes widen. Not only did objects disappear in this place, they appeared too. Where am I?! I wished I could figure that question out. Sadly, I was having a hard time doing so.
Dr. Zaki was reading over the paper. He looked at me with a smile. "Well, you pass the test, Drew."
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