Explain Augustine's Theory Of Just War

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Peace and The Theory of Just War: World War I

The state of peace is significantly more than a lack of contention. Peace relies upon the admiration for human nobility and on the activity of the human ethics; particularly the goodness of equity, defined as every individual getting his legitimate due. This draws us to Augustine's astute definition of peace: tranquillitas ordinis, which translates to, "tranquility of order." The tranquility of order, according to Augustine, precedes peace. (City of God) Augustine's expression demonstrates that there is a "request" or an “order” as per which we can have peace in this life, and his definition infers that we can find and keep this request. However, one cannot fully entertain the idea of peace without
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When one lives in accordance to human nature, we observe the correct position of things in relation to other things, that which creates peace: peace in our souls, peace in our families, and peace in our way of life. Augustine’s definition of peace applies, first and foremost, then, to the soul and to its connection with God and other souls. The theory of just war is ultimately directed towards the aim of establishing lasting peace and justice. Augustine’s theory of Peace is affiliated with Aquinas’ theory of Just War. The primary goal of just war is to obtain peace. Just War Theory is a notion that partially involves issues of justice in philosophical, political, and religious aspects. The thought, for the most part, alludes not just to obtain the answer of whether the war is just, but additionally keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend why wars are, for the most part, fought. The theory of Just War has two sets of criteria: jus ad bellum (the
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