Explain How To Teach Children To Swim

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To teach children to swim, you will need a pool and patience. Lessons are taught by lifeguards, as well as by individuals in the community. Swimming is a helpful skill to learn for people as it is great exercise and fun to do. This can be a frustrating job but is worth the trouble. The first thing to teach children is to put their face in water and blow out of their nose. This is vital to teach early on in order for them to grasp the concept that they will not get water in their nose. They really have to figure that out for themselves, but you must in order to guide them in the right direction. Still during day one, you should have the child sit on the side of the pool and learn how to effectively kick. This is done by pointing the toes …show more content…

To start, it is easiest for the child to ‘doggy paddle;’ however, you should teach them the arms for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Freestyle is the most common and generally fastest – aside from butterfly – style of swimming. One must move their arms in circles that go by the sides of the body and up near the ears forward. The back stroke is the same thing except that you lie on your back and move the arms backward. Breaststroke is another set of arm and leg movements. For the arms, one must start with their arms at their chest moving them forward and out to propel forward. The legs look like frog legs that are bent and straightened to move in the water. Breaststroke is easy to do once one gets used to it. Once the strokes are taught, it is time to give the child a thick noodle to put at the base of the arms. The child needs to kick with their legs and dig with their hands. To be effective, fingers need to be together, and hands need to be cupped to be able to move the water. After they get used to the large noodle, you can move the noodle to their stomach if they need to better understand to keep their stomach from falling down too far. Another option is to give them a thinner noodle. This forces the child to be less dependent on the noodle and to transition to swimming alone. You can have them start doing different strokes in this portion of learning to …show more content…

These skills can be life-saving in some circumstances. To teach the child how to float on their back, you should use a noodle under either the back or under the arms to start. The child will be scared at first, so they must be convinced that nothing bad will happen when they lay their head back. You should help the by getting their body in the right place by getting them to move their legs as if they were slowly riding a bicycle. After they are comfortable, remove the noodle carefully. It will take a few tries for this to be successful as the child is alarmed by their support being removed. Once learned, floating on the back is a relaxing a life-saving skill to obtain. Treading is a more tiring activity but is important nonetheless. To teach this, you should be in an area of the water that the child can touch but is not halfway out of the water. You should explain to the individual that they should move their legs like they are riding a bike in the water. The arms should move around in circles to help. This should be a relatively easy thing to learn once the child can swim fairly well and the child is comfortable in deeper

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