Explain The Difference Between Reading The Bible Confessionally And Critical

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1. Explain the difference between reading the Bible confessionally, and reading it critically.
The difference between reading the Bible confessionally, and critically is, your approach to your reading. To read confessionally means you are reading it as the (“word of God”) theologically. Where, as if your reading the Bible critically you are reading to find deep understanding of the material through analyzing, evaluating and self-reflection.
2. Explain the three big “T” obstacles a reader faces to accessing the “original” words of the Bible.
The obstacles a reader faces when accessing the “original” words of the Bible are:
• Translation- is an obstacle because the original works are in Hebrew or Arabic which requires people who are …show more content…

What was it and how did it work?
Honor during ancient Israel time is a status symbol, it is prize over wealth, and had no social class. It is what all men during this time strive for with the help of their family and clan to uphold. Honor is bestowed on a man during this time by his community through his deeds, following the rules, and the running of his household, making sure their unmarried women and girls are virginal, and married women reproduce a stay true to their husbands.
6. What is literary genre? Why is it important for understanding the literature of the Bible?
Literary genre is the various forms in which one choose to express their thoughts. There are 5 main genres poetry, fiction, nonfiction and drama. This is important to the understanding of the Bible because knowing the type of genre helps to prepare the reader to better understand the text.
7. How does knowing about patriarchy, honor, and literary genre help us to understand what all is going on in the book of Ruth?
To understand the book of Ruth we first must understand its literary genre which, is a narrative, so we know how to approach our reading of this story. Knowing about patriarchy, which the males during this time held all the power, explains why Naomi was pleased that Ruth got Boaz, a wealthy landowner and kinsman to Naomi’s late husband, attention and told her to lay at his feet to ensure their future. The knowledge of honor, high respect and esteem, which is most desired among the men

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