Explain The Five Stages Of Grief

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December After the death of a loved one, they say you go through the five stages of grief. The first is denial and isolation. It's your brain's defense mechanism, a way of rationalizing all these overwhelming emotions. It usually comes when you first find out that the person is going to die. For example, when the doctor says "you have cancer", or your mother calling you saying "your brother was in an accident, he's not going to make it"; but I didn't get that chance. None of us got that chance. Stage two is anger. This comes when the reality that your best friend put a bullet through his head and isn't coming back slams into your chest and knocks the wind out of your lungs, and the sanity out of your head. This stage, for me, was a bit different. Anger towards inward is guilt. It's "I should have done something", sooner or later 'should have' turns into 'could have'. You find yourself lost at the bottom of the bottle with years of sobriety forgotten …show more content…

You'll probably pray for the first time in your life. You'll beg God to bring him back, and when that fails you might even dig up a bargain with the devil. Stage four is depression and stage five is acceptance. I'm in every stage except for acceptance. How does anyone expect me to accept anything when it's only been two months and his mother has already gone back to work? Everyone that flew down for the funeral is back home, hell, even the dog has started eating again and that dog has been with him ever since he was born. Everyone kind of just went back to their normal lives. Nobody talks about him anymore. I bet they don't even think about him. I've never been good with grieving, as you can probably tell. Everybody's concered about me which pisses me off. Nobody was concered about him when he spent his birthday in the hospital. Nobody was concered about him when he went missing for three days. Mikey's been telling me that they're all just focusing on the person they can still

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