Explain Why Children Shouldn T Children Have Cell Phones Before The Age Of 12

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why Shouldn't children have cell phone before the age of 12? Do you think a kindergartener should have access to Facebook and Youtube or other soucie media sites? Many children have their own cell phone at the ages of 6-11. What is the point of them have cell phone unless they are walk home alone than they may need one but why would they be walk home alone and that age. Children shouldn't have cell phone befor the age of 12. Children under the age 12 should have cell phones because they give of radiation and can cause cancer. Cell phones give off lots of radiation and it not healthy for kids because radiation can lead to cancer. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. …show more content…

The study, published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, included more than 300 college students from the Midwest. Researchers surveyed them on their levels of physical activity, as well as on how much they used their cell phones. Then, they conducted fitness and body composition testing on 49 of the study participants.”. The text talk about how they took a survey of how many student use the phone a lot. They do survey they also do test on people to see how long they see. People use their phones for more than half of the day. In the text In the same article High Cell phone use linked with less physical activity “The researchers found associations between less cell phone use and greater physical activity levels — specifically, college students tended to be less fit when they spent as much as 14 hours a day on their phones, compared with those who spent just an hour and a half a day on their phones”. If people spend about 14 hours on their phone when do you think physical actives come into place. If 12 and under children had cell phones they would lose lots of

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