Exploitation And Exploitation Of Women

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some are sexually exploited and then intimidated into silence by being made to fear for their security or the safety of their family.
Like, some children are manipulated over prolonged periods of lapse into gratifying the sexual needs of a molester, usually a trusted family member. Then, the use of threats and rewards to exploit a child’s vulnerability is abuse of power. Equally, all sexual contacts between adults and children are destructive because of the authority inequities between them. But also, women are vulnerable to assault and manipulation because of the power of men. Some women are raped because they lack the physical strength and other resources to protect themselves on the streets, on dates, in marriage, or in other relationships. As, rape is coercive sexual contact without consent. too, some women are manipulated into sexual relationships because of great power inequalities. In certain professional relationships such as employer- employee, counselor-client, doctor-patient, and pastor-parishioner, men have resources they can use abusively to exploit the vulnerabilities of women in a patriarchal society. In fact, when the oppression of race and class are added. The possibility of abuse of power is increased. Truly, persons with power disadvantages are vulnerable to exploitation.
Again, in this title is draws on the women’s live and work was to challenge the silence that has surrounded much of women’s experiences. Women were deeply committed to finding ways

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