Exploring Cassiopeia's Creation Myth

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I have chosen Cassiopeia as my favorite constellation. The reason why i chose this constellation is firstly because I find it very easy to find in the sky due to its M or W shape ( depending on the season ), and secondly, because it is one of the first constellation on which I made a research on it's creation myth. Cassiopeia is still to this day one of the 88 recognized constellations by the International Atrsonomical Union.

Cassiopeia has a Greek mythology, her name comes from Cassiopeia wife of Cepheus and queen of Aethiopia. The myth explains how Cassiopeia would have said that Andromeda, her daughter, was much more beautiful than any Nereid, who are sea water spirits and said to be extremely beautiful. The spirites, insulted, told this to Poseidon who, to punish Cassiopeia for her insolence, sends a sea monster named Cetus to Aethiopia. To get rid of that monster, Cassiopea went to see an oracle. The only solution the oracle came with to calm Cetus and make him go away was for Cassiopeia to sacrifice her daughter Andromeda. She was then tied to a rock, but eventually saved by Perseus, who then became his husband. Poseidon wasn't happy that Cassiopeia managed to get away with her insolence …show more content…

She came from a very important family, married well, and for that reason she never had to do anything for her self which she enjoyed very much. She had an older son that she liked a lot, but they never saw eye to eye when it came to hierarchy. He had learned with his travels to respect everyone. He knew that he was blessed to be born in a royal family, but knew that power wasn't something given, you sometimes have to work for it. The queen never respected her people, treating them like slave almost. She really got angry when she learned that he was in love with one of the servants who would often have to brush her hair. Cassiopeia decided to ban her from the kingdom to make sure that her grandchildren wouldn't come from a low

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