Exploring Dara Analytics Is Shaping What You Watch. Netflix

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The article, I am focusing on is How Dara Analytics Is Shaping What You Watch. Netflix is the worlds largest movie rental service with nearly 93.8 million subscribers as of the fourth quarter in 2016, according to As in any business company competition and rivalries will also be at a high stake. The level of competition is renting movies and stream shows as watching them online compared to actually going to the store to rent or buy. Companies that are compared to Netflix would be RedBox or Wal-Mart. Others can argue that this can be a change in television verses internet. From the past, when shows were at a certain time of day to whenever one is bored shows are available anywhere and anytime. 
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For this to happen the data analytics helped to know to make the product run smoothly. It also shows what else has been watched on the account, so there is a sense you will always know if anyone else tried to make a show on your account. Data Analysis is something to focus on to achieving a gain and not to just for a companies own sake meaning they are not doing to just waste the time and money to just to a sake of the data. The reason for it is to improve and try to make it more efficient for not only the company but for the customers. The company has done 300 major test of the product and more than 12 variations within. This is all to do with the bigger picture and that is to improve the experience of the customers and the streaming. There have been times that the results have been overruled. In many other companied it is harder to cancel the service, which in the end will cause for more issues and unhappy users. That being said, the founders of the company of Netflix knew early on that they wanted to make it easier for a customer to cancel the service whenever they wanted to. That result in the end, would let to a good reputation of the company. The explanation of services is promoted in may different regions such as Urban area and Australia. Along with the type of region the customers are subscribed in is the comparison from television to what

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