External And Internal Reasons For Healthcare Organizations To Improve The Quality Of Healthcare

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There are external and internal reasons that drive healthcare organizations to improve their quality of healthcare. External reasons for quality improvements come from governments, insurers, and consumers requiring that healthcare organizations provide and continue to improve on high-quality and safer health care. The internal reasons for quality improvements come from staff who work within these healthcare organizations. The quality of healthcare differs from city to city and even from country to country. In order for healthcare organizations to meet the quality of care expectations demanded and set themselves apart from other healthcare organizations, they pursue becoming accredited. One must understand what accreditation is, the history of accreditation and what the future holds for accreditation, in order to understand how being accredited can improve the quality in healthcare. Accreditation is the formal declaration by a designated authority that an organization, service, or individual has demonstrated competency, authority, or credibility to meet a predetermined set of standards (Gapenski). Accreditation is most notably found in healthcare organizations and is world-wide. Accreditation is different from licensure in that licensure is for and individual that works within a healthcare organization and accreditation is for a healthcare organization as a whole. All healthcare entities are accredited by an accreditation agency and adhere to quality and safety standards,

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