Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close By Jonathan Foer

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Nostalgia. Living in the past. People can feel these emotions when they are grieving someone, an event, or when they want to relive a moment that has been left behind in the past. Unfortunately, memories are short-lived and therefore it is against our nature to try and prevent them from slipping away. No one can go back in time and change what has taken place nor can anyone skip ahead to the future to prevent an outcome. However, reliving the past can not only make someone expressive and emotional but also over-analytical. Although portrayed as an emotionally sensitive mess, Thomas Schell Sr. in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Foer is actually just over analytical of his past experiences.
The life of Thomas Schell Sr. has been an eventful and emotional rollercoaster. His past experiences in Germany still loom over his current life. Years ago, he fell in love with a girl named Anna, and eventually Anna became pregnant with their child. Simultaneously during this time period, Germany was participating in World War II, and the town of Dresden was bombed. In this bombing, Thomas lost the love of his life, his unborn child, and his family. After countless searches for Anna and their unborn child, Thomas had to move on with his life and immigrated to the United States. As he began to settle in the United States, he gradually started to lose his ability to speak. The first word he lost was “Anna” and the last was “I”. His main form of communication afterwards was
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