Exxon Should Stop Promoting The Denial Of Climate Change

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ExxonMobil, one of the largest oil companies in the world and the United States, encourages the distrust of facts about climate change attempting to mitigate the role of fossil fuel consumption. Their denial shows they are aware of the effects they have on the environment. Exxon pushes this denial of climate change by funding organizations that do not believe in climate change. While their current public image shows they do not believe the facts of climate change, a recent release of internal documents show that they have known the truth from research they conducted in the late 1970’s. Exxon must stop promoting the denial of climate change because they need to progress their business practices to a more sustainable model, allowing them to better cope with inevitable future reductions of fossil fuel use. After many years of conducting their its own research, Exxon’s Research & Engineering Division concluded that fossil fuel use does contribute to climate change. In the late 1970’s Exxon’s Research & Engineering Division launched their own climate research program in order to better understand fossil…show more content…
Steve Coll, multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning author, in Private Empire ExxonMobil and American Power, explains “Exxon, and other A.P.I. members joined and newly and more broadly based group, Global Climate Coalition, with influential members from every part of the country and many different industries…A.P.I. also poured money into independent think tanks and advocacy groups that were predisposed to attack Kyoto” ( Steve Coll 85). This organization that was created shows how determined Exxon was to stop any form of policy to be enacted limiting their profitability. After Exxon began promoting climate change denial, the scientific community that once respected their research, now discourages their actions against the facts of climate
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