Exxonmobil 's Vision, And Mission Statement

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ExxonMobil’s Vision, and Mission statement is committed to bringing one of the world’s premier petrochemical, and petroleum companies that must adhere to the highest business standards of conduct while continuously achieving the operating, and superior financial results. It is within these commitments to those with whom they interact to provide the foundation for their commitments, (ExxonMobil.com, (2015). ExxonMobil’s Value Statement is to be at the very leading edge of competition in every aspect of our business, (Purposeful Identity.com, (2011). I do believe that it does convey the objectives, primary purposes of the company, and I did not see anything missing from my research of the company. ExxonMobil’s value statement is…show more content…
ExxonMobil’s top strategic goals are supplier development, corporate citizenship, and workforce development to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. To up hold high standards, attract, and retain exceptional people. These goals are the visionary goals which is pursued in order to full fill its mission, its core values are ExxonMobil’s commitment to their firm, and its core purpose of its firm. This helps ExxonMobil to stay within, and maintain these statements by protecting tomorrow today, and its commitment to safety, operations management, and community investment. All of this helps ExxonMobil to focus on education, the environmental health, and employee involvement, (ExxonMobil, (2015). The Two additions or changes that I would recommend are; goal management, and performance management process. Goal management would be the feedback that the company gets from its peers, and customers. The performance management is to have the best practices in optimization, and the performance monitoring of worker reviews. ExxonMobil needs to document every transaction that takes place, accidents, inventories, financial, and everything that takes place between other companies, (Successful Factors.com, (2015). It is the strategic lenses which provides the four angles that are both viewed, and implemented at a corporate level. This helps with the approaching of strategic problems from

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