Face Communication Is More Effective Than Other Types Of Communication

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There are many different points to consider when considering whether face to face communication is more or less effective than other types of communication, such as the importance of facial expressions and nonverbal body language. Communication would be considered effective when the most information is conveyed between the people involved. Nonverbal body language is generally nonverbal behaviours that can include interpersonal distance, body movement, facial behaviour, touch, vocal behaviours, and others. (Hall, Coats and LeBeau, 2005) With nonverbal body language one needs to consider what signals do people pick up from nonverbal communication as well as what conversations lose with these signals. However, there is the other side to …show more content…

Another thing that is offered by face to face communication is that it offers something when information is received and understood, without delay, something electronic forms of communication cannot offer. Face to face communication also offers the opportunity to take turns when speaking and in turn create a sequence whereas with electronic communications, such as emails or texts, the conversation can be broken up by irrelevant interruptions and do not have the same effect. However Clark & Brennan, (1990) did look at how electronic communication can also be a more effective form of communication. For example with emails and texts information will always be there and can be later reviewed by other people in case there needs to be editing of information before sending. Face to face communication can possibly be irreplaceable as well. Hallowell, (1999) looked at how face to face communication is essential for human movement, an authentic psychological encounter that occurs when two people share the same physical space as well as emotional and intellectual attention. However on the other hand face to face communication can be disruptive and costly, and other forms of communication might be preferable. Sproull and Kiesler, (1992) found that technological changes can help people cross social, psychological and physical boundaries and can effect group behaviour and decision

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