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A guide on how to create Facebook Ads for Health and Fitness Industry

Do you own a health and fitness business? Do you offer Holistic medicine to people in need of suitable healthcare and you are looking to expand your reach on Facebook through social media marketing? If your answer is yes, then you can make a whole lot of money by exploiting Facebook’s Ad Campaign for the growth of your business.
You can make tons of money by employing these basic tactics outlined below, that your competition is utilizing to succeed via Facebook marketing.

The Goal of this Guide
If you have created Facebook Ads in the past, then this guide is going to shed some light on some few grey areas. However, if you have only engaged in post boosting, this
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Step 2: Choose how you want to create your Ad Campaign
After clicking on the Create Tab highlighted in green, a pop up screen will appear. Proceed to click on the ‘Select Guided Creation’ Frame.

Step 3: Choose an Objective for your Ads
Before embarking on any campaign, you need to know what the objective of that campaign is.
Facebook is tailored to optimize your campaign reach based on the objective you choose.

If you recently opened a new fitness club or re-branded an existing one:Select the Local Awareness objective, because this enables you to reach more people and increase awareness for your brand.

If you want to promote a video: Maybe a video about new product for fitness drive, or a stunning video of a whole new workout routine? You should choose the Video Views objective to increase views.

If you want to promote an existing fitness and wellness Facebook page to stimulate traffic: Choose the engagement objective in order to ensure a steady flow of interactions.

After selecting an objective, ascribe a name to your campaign and click the ‘Set Up Ad Account’ button.

Step 4: Choose your Audience:

This step allows you to fine tune who you want to see your Ad.
Leave your Traffic source as Website and Proceed to the Audience Tab.

Facebook Ad campaign manager possess an application that is well suited for targeting specific audiences. Since you are targeting health, wellness and fitness community, Facebook Ad manager allows you to define
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