Facebook 's Adaptive And Innovative Nature

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The History of Facebook Think back to when you made your first Facebook page, did you really know what you were doing or whom you were sharing your information with? When I was in the 7th grade I made my first Facebook account, which 6 years later I still use to this day. This long lasting popularity and growth is due to Facebook’s adaptive and innovative nature. When Facebook was created it was a website for only Harvard University students and is now one of the worlds largest social media websites due largely to the growth of digital natives (Wikipedia). At the time Facebook was not the first of its kind, it had competition however, it surpassed its competitors due to its well-rounded social approach. It did not stress the importance of any one part of an individual’s life like MySpace does with music; it allows the user to generate what they talk about. Today Facebook is actively used but has changed dramatically in regards to its purpose, popularity and privacy that it originally was made with. Mark Zuckerberg, who at the time was a second year student at Harvard University, created Facebook on February 4, 2004(Carlson). When Facebook was originally created it was made only for Harvard University students (Wikipedia). But as time went on it expanded to allow students at colleges in the Boston area and Ivy League schools to make an account (Wikipedia). At first the websites purpose was to create profiles based off of individuals academic and business credentials,

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