The Social Media Platform Known As Facebook, Is One Of

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The social media platform known as Facebook, is one of the most popular and widely used networks known to man. One can say almost everyone knows about the network, mothers, aunts, even grandmothers have made profiles. This website is definitely one of the most innovated ways to connect with those all over the world, using only the movement of your fingers. The genius behind the creation, Mark Zuckerberg, is now one of the richest men under 40-years-old. He is also the guy who set the bar for every other social media network out today. Although his journey in creating the familiar website is what would seem a short one, there are many events he dealt with that lead to the point of where he is now. Surely, there must have been contributions …show more content…

Like critic Roger Ebert said, “In theory, there are more possible moves on a chess board than molecules in the universe. Chessmasters cannot possibly calculate all of them, but using intuition, they can "see" a way through this near-infinity to a winning move” (Ebert). In other words, this shows that Zuckerberg knew of his potential and how much more he can accomplish, that he didn’t think of the opportunity as a big deal. He was aware that the app did not really capture the greater things he was capable of, and it did not feel like a win for him.
Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg’s motivation could arguably be his biggest contributor in creating Facebook. He is driven by many forces into creating something that will give him the recognition craves. His recent break-up with a girl named Erika is one of those forces. This break- up can also be defined as the exposition of the film, as everything begins to unfold from this point forward. Now, his newfound purpose is to let the girl who dumps him know exactly who she just dumped. The break- up causes Mark to create an online survey called Facemash, where students vote who the hottest girl at Harvard is. As soon as almost every student on campus gets in on the website, it crashes. With twenty-two thousand people online, in just two hours, Mark was driven to keep it running, this gave him a sense of adrenaline. Mark’s website went from nothing to everything overnight. He fed off of the attention Facemash was getting, and the

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