Facebook Case Study

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2. Facebook in India
Situation (S):
• Facebook’s plan is to bring the world together.
• 700-800 million people can be online in the world.
• 100 million people were connected through the Internet in 2014 in India.

Problem and Opportunity (P):

• 44,795 villages were in Rajasthan where Facebook tried to penetrate the city. Facebook opened Internet locations so people could receive digital education. It also worked in getting the word out on what the Internet was, but Facebook was still stuck with the stigma of the people not being able to afford to stay connected. o Local infrastructure was very limited to get the people of Rajasthan online, so the opportunity to bring the Internet to them was immense. Given that the Internet to the locals was something of a mystery, the local’s interest was surely piqued by Zuckerberg’s appearance and he knew it would bite at the chance to have free Internet Facebook could use.
• Apollo was started in the Philippines, Latin America, Africa and India, which allowed for free access to Facebook. o Facebook used the success in the PI to pitch to the whole world when in Barcelona.
 This was part of a campaign to sway the masses worldwide to its vision of bringing the Internet to the rest of the world.
• Facebook needed support and got it from NASSCOM with a promise to open “2.0” to every site that wanted to be on there, rather than restricting sites. o NASSCOM for a long time was against Facebook due to the

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