Facial Expression : An Import Source Of Information

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Ranma Budlong
Paper I: Facial Expression,
1: The face is an import source of information when trying to decide on the attitude or mood of a person. Eye contact is very important. Whether or not the person has eye contact or not is a factor. If someone breaks eye contact they may be embarrassed or trying to decide on what to say. A major amount of information is received by the two parties exchanging eye contact. Eye contact indicates if a person wants to communicate or not. If someone looks as you approach, it is a safe bet they do not want to communicate. If a person looks in your eyes, then they wish to communicate.
The eyes are the “mirror of the sole”. The eyes can be either hard and staring or soft and affectionate. Then there are …show more content…

How a person stands, the position of the arms and legs needs to be considered. The stiffer a stance and crossed arms could be extreme anger. However the person could be just cold and trying to stay warm. Chattering teeth would be a good way as well as temperature to determine the case. The eyes not making contact at first do not mean as much. They can changed when the person notices another entering the room. I should point out that the ears are important as well. When very angry peoples ears often turn red. To get a proper “reading” a person needs to look at the entire body. Are their arms at their sides, on their sides or crossed? Taken with the face and eye contact it tells the story.
II: I am going to use my deceased wife as my life experience. She was always very easy to read whether happy, sad, angry, and very angry and it is time to leave the room and house as quickly as possible. I remember the day we meet in 1997. A mutual friend though we would make a good couple and we meet in a neutral place.
She was standing by the table and looked into my eyes when I saw her. She had soft interested eyes, a slight smile on her face and she was standing tall but not stiff. She looked at me in the eyes at once. She hid her feelings better than me. My heart was thumping in my chest but I exchanged eye contact with her. My mouth started a bit open almost in shock to warm up very quickly. My eyes were glowing with affection. During our first controlled

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