Facial Expression : An Import Source Of Information

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Ranma Budlong
Paper I: Facial Expression,
1: The face is an import source of information when trying to decide on the attitude or mood of a person. Eye contact is very important. Whether or not the person has eye contact or not is a factor. If someone breaks eye contact they may be embarrassed or trying to decide on what to say. A major amount of information is received by the two parties exchanging eye contact. Eye contact indicates if a person wants to communicate or not. If someone looks as you approach, it is a safe bet they do not want to communicate. If a person looks in your eyes, then they wish to communicate.
The eyes are the “mirror of the sole”. The eyes can be either hard and staring or soft and affectionate. Then there are variations between the two poles. There is also the “love glow” use when someone is expressing their love. There are some researchers who say the “mouth is used fifty seven percent of the time” (Beebe, 2014). The mouth can be open or closed when expressing anger or happiness. The skin around the eyes is important as well. How the eyes, mouth, checks are arrange is the biggest clue on how a person feels about the communicating. For example a person smiling is consisted warmth and friendship. However the eyes need to be consulted to know. However if the eyes and cheeks are hard it could mean they are happy to see you but not for good reasons. If the eyes are soft and cheeks are raised they are happy to see you.
How a person places their…
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