Factors Affecting The 19th Century

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Several factors in the 19th century made it possible to advance in society as well a few factors which limited social advancement. It became easier to advance in society because of the industrial economy which gave opportunity for people to be successful through their own hard work, discipline, and temperance. At the time there were many stories of people rising from the property through hard work and discipline. Also, the emergence of the middle class a was an important factor in the idea of a self made man because they stressed the importance of discipline and hand work as well as educated their children. Famous scientists and politicians such as Benjamin Franklin who wrote an autobiography explaining worth ethic and how young Americans could be rich through saving money, adopting temperate habits, and aiming high. Though this idea inspired many men as well as a few women to pursue success, more often than not, this idea of a self made man was not true and rarely panned out. It is important to know that there was class lower than middle class which was hurt by the increase in manufacturing and industrialization. Skilled workers, such as mechanics, merchants, lawyers, etc. were well compensated and lived prosperously. However, due to the Market Revolution being an independent producer was no longer plausible. Also, large manufacturing towns required a large amount of worker to work under a superintendent or manager. This would force 3 million white worker to work for…

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