Factors Contributing Factors Affecting The Lives Of The Native American

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Contributing Factors:
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 2016), a strong positive correlation exists between the number of adverse events in a child’s life and the probability of negative outcomes as they grow from adolescence into adulthood ( Adverse events in the life of the Native American (NA) begin with existing in rural areas, on a reservation with uncertain socioeconomic growth. For all NA residents, reservation life has considerable exposure to suicide and is one of the many contributing factors to its occurrence and the rising epidemic (Bazrafshan, Sharif, Molazem, & Mani, 2016).
Numerous risk factors for suicidal ideation, attempt and completion can vary across age groups, cultures,
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Living in poverty on a reservation, dietary intake is poor, creating obesity, which increases the risk of diabetes, early death, and substance abuse rates that are higher than the national average ( The many changes in their lifestyle and the repeated physical, emotional and personal isolation create extreme mental and emotional anguish, becoming exceedingly unbearable; magnifying the prevalence of suicide in the NA population.
The Native American individuals’ emotional and mental variability has evolved out of Western civilizations many changes and progression altering the life-line and humanity of all tribal members throughout many generations. This diverse population has experienced negativity, and alterations from social, political and economic institutions, changing a generations’ cultural existence resulting in decreased self-esteem, a non-self-sustaining population, resulting in enormous unresolved humanitarian damage, suicide and death, mirroring a post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) emergency for this reservation community (Brockie, Dana-Sacco, Wallen, Wilcox, & Campbell, 2015; Manzo, Tiesman, Stewart, Hobbs & Knox, 2015; Lehman, 2017). This
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