Factors Contributing to the Wound Healing Process Essay

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Wound healing is a very important aspect of the postoperative process. Depending on many different factors pertaining to a postoperative wound; different steps can be taken to decrease a patient’s chance to develop an infection. The one goal a surgical team wants to achieve is to leave a less noticeable scar and no infection in a wound. There are different challenges and situations a Surgical Technologist and the surgical will have to work around. The wound healing process all depends on the type of wound and classification, complications that may arise, postoperative infections, and the role of the Surgical Technologist within the wound healing process. There are four classes of surgical wound types based on the wound’s level of …show more content…

143-157). Wound healing can have wide variety of complications.
“The complication of wound dehiscence/wound separation occurs because of excessive stress on wounds that have not yet healed. An example is coughing or vomiting without the use of abdominal splinting over an incision. Wound evisceration is the most serious complication of wound dehiscence. The wound completely separates, exposing underlying viscera. This most often occurs with abdominal incisions.” (“Wound healing”, 2005, p. 143-157).
Hemorrhaging is also a big concern during postop because it can happen right after surgery and can lead to hypovolemic shock. Those are a couple of example of what could go wrong postoperatively. The risk of infection is always present with the occurrence of a surgical wound. Since our bodies are covered with natural flora, opportunistic pathogen infection is always a concern. Infection can greatly affect the recovery time for a patient. A surgical will not heal affectively when infection is present. Surgical Technologist must be aware of the implications bestowed on them by being a part of a surgical team. We must understand the importance of aseptic technique and surgical conscience. You have to be knowledgeable of the surgery you are preforming, the procedures of that surgery, and the complication that may arise. Wound healing plays an important part in how the postoperative

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