Factors Contributing to the Wound Healing Process Essay

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Wound healing is a very important aspect of the postoperative process. Depending on many different factors pertaining to a postoperative wound; different steps can be taken to decrease a patient’s chance to develop an infection. The one goal a surgical team wants to achieve is to leave a less noticeable scar and no infection in a wound. There are different challenges and situations a Surgical Technologist and the surgical will have to work around. The wound healing process all depends on the type of wound and classification, complications that may arise, postoperative infections, and the role of the Surgical Technologist within the wound healing process.
There are four classes of surgical wound types based on the wound’s level of contamination: clean (Class I), clean-contaminated (Class II), contaminated (Class III) and dirty-infected (Class IV) ("Healing and Wound Classification", 2007, p. 26, 28, 30, and 32). Clean (Class I) wounds occur under normal operating room conditions and sterile technique is maintained. Clean-contaminated (Class II) is present when there may have been a minor break in sterile technique and or a non-sterile system was entered (i.e. bowels). Contaminated (Class III) occurs when a traumatic wound is present (i.e. gunshot wound) while also exposing a non-sterile system, and or sterile technique was broken. Dirty-contaminated (Class IV) is present when a traumatic open would has already had an infection present.
When it comes to wound…