Wound Clinic Journal: The Usage Of Silver-Based Dressings

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Wound Clinic Journal: The Usage of Silver-Based Dressings in Chronic Venous Ulcers
When nursing comes to mind, it is common to think of only acute care nurses working the floor of the local hospital. However, nurses work in a variety of settings, one of which I was able to witness at St. Mary’s wound clinic. Of the five patients that I was able to interact with here, one of the most interesting was the case of a 33-year-old male patient who presented to the clinic with a venous leg ulcer. The ulcer, located on the lateral portion of the lower leg just below the patient’s calf, was draining a significant amount of serosanguinous fluid. Additionally, cellulitis infected the entire calf area, while the skin immediately surrounding the wound …show more content…

Due to research such as this, the nurse believed that an Aquacel dressing would assist in fighting the patient’s infection and aid in overall wound healing. This was confirmed by the attending primary care physician, who affirmed the usage of the silver based dressing.
Although silver has perceived benefits, research indicates that it may be toxic in fibroblast contraction and cell viability (CITE). Additionally, no randomized clinical trials have been conducted which prove the effectiveness of silver dressings in wound care. In fact, one study conducted in South Australia concluded that the usage of silver dressings led to longer hospital stays and more visits to healthcare providers (CITE). In order to provide the best care for this patient and others with chronic wounds, the best evidence based practice must be determined through the conduction of experiments on Aquacel and additional silver-based dressings.
Throughout the procedure, I was able to interact with the patient and communicate effectively with him, discussing his pertinent health history as well as his experience in dealing with his chronic wound. Such communication and patient interactions bring an abundance of positive feelings to any clinical situation. I also felt positively about the decision of the nurse and healthcare provider in the use of barrier cream to prevent further maceration of the peri-wound skin,

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