Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour towards Store Brands

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In the article “Factor influencing consumer behaviour towards store brands: Evidence for the French market”, Mbaye Fall Diallo, Jean-Louis Chandon, Ge´rard Cliquet, Jean Philippe (2013), the main aims for this research is to examine the factors of store brands purchase behaviour on consumer, image factors and store familiarity.

The French market has been chosen in this research because it is convenience and the fast developing of store brands itself. Several factors that motivates consumer to purchase store brands (SB) product are socio-demographic factors, which is including gender, age, household income and the number of children in the household. According to Burton et al (1998) and Martinez and Montaner (2008), research that showed family capacity and income has become a strong element of store brand purchase behaviour. Economic factors are in touch to the economic cycle whilst psychographic factors consist of value consciousness, self-smart shopper perceptions and so forth.

Based on chapter one I learned in class, the marketing concept were divided into four concepts which are consumer research, segmentation, market targeting and positioning. The authors goes on with research using structural equation modelling and finalize ANOVA and MANOVA analysis to proof the outcome of store familiarity on store brands purchase behaviour.

The process of dividing the market into subsets of consumer needs and characteristics is called segmentation. These processes are based on

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