Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention Among Public And Private Universities

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influencing factors of entrepreneurial intention among public and private universities in Malaysia.
Research questions hoped to be answered by this study is framed from the background, problem statements and literatures reviewed. These questions are stated below:
Q1: Does entrepreneurial education influence entrepreneurial intention among public and private universities?
Q2: Does students at private and public universities perceive government support effective factors to become an entrepreneur?
With these two questions the objectives are stated as follows
i. To investigate and compare the role of entrepreneurial education between public and private universities students ii. To examine the perception of students towards social support for entrepreneurial activities in Malaysia.
2.1 Entrepreneurial Intention
Investigating factors that influence entrepreneurial intention, several theories had being applied by different scholars for example, studying role or influence of education on intention of entrepreneurs, the two most prominent theories are Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and Sahpero and Sokol’s theory of entrepreneurial model. Intention as described by Davison (1995) is the urge to do or to act in response to something. While Krueger, Reilly, and Carsrud (2000) said an entrepreneurial intention is a way of thinking emphasizing opportunities over threats stating that businesses are not started by reflex but by analyzing and responding to

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