Factors Influencing The Health And Wellbeing Of Individuals

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Understand the factors influencing the health and wellbeing of individuals in Health and Social care settings.
The health and wellbeing priorities for individual in a particular health and social care settings are conditions in which people are born, grown, live, work and age. These are shaped by the distribution of money, power resources at global; national and local levels.
People do not have enough money to buy food for a balanced diet so they have to buy cheaper priced options which, tend to be unhealthy. This will lead to obesity.
Culture and race. London is a very diverse city, which promotes race and gender equality. Where everybody has rights and a choice to live and use the NHS.
Prejudice and discrimination is however, still present in some parts of society. Which had major effects on peoples lives.
Housing is also a growing problem in society. Those on low income are more likely to be experiencing overcrowding, poor washing and cooking facilities; dampness and disrepair. Children living in damp houses are known to have a high rate of respiratory conditions such as asthma and other communicable infections. Childhood accidents are highest in the areas of high density housing, where recreational facilities are limited for children. The effectiveness of strategies, systems and policies in a health or social care settings
Organizational policies are mechanisms by which legislation is delivered and implemented policies in

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