Factors That Affect The Environment

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There are many factors that can contribute to weight gain in children. The environment a child is in, eating habits, eating foods that are high in fat, the amount of exercise and outdoor activity children get, the types of foods children prefer to eat, the type of food a family can afford, and the educational awareness of nutritional values in food (Myoungock &Whittemore 2015, p.5). Furthermore, a child with a parent who is obese is more likely to become overweight themselves (Myoungock & Whittemore 2015., p.5). As a child grows they are likely to model the behaviors they witness. For example, Myoungock and Whittemore (2015) understand that parents who model appropriate feeding styles, exercise, and support are typically associated with a healthier child; a child who makes health conscious choices. A child who has a diet that is high is fatty foods, sugar, and starch is more likely to become obese (Mwaikambo et al., 2015). In addition, when children spend the majority of their time watching television and playing video games for extended periods of time instead of getting outdoor activity, they are at risk of becoming obese (Mwaikambo et al., 2015). A child who is overweight needs to have a supportive foundation, meaning that changes to their health is more effective when it is a family based intervention (Jenny Önnerfält et al., 2012, p.2). Although a family intervention seems ideal for children who are obese, the cost of eating healthy for an entire family can become
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