Factors influencing older people's food choices

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The older peoples' food choices may be influenced by a number of Physiological, Psychological, Social and Economic factors. Lets look at some of these factors and why they affect the elderly food choices.

Physiological factors:

People who choose food because of physiological factors are usually because of:

Hunger, Appetite or Satiety: Hunger is your body's way of telling you that you need food. Appetite is the desire to eat, even when you're not hungry. Your senses, sight, smell and taste play a significant role in stimulating appetite. Satiety refers to satisfying your hunger or appetite. It can be described as a pleasant feeling of contentment after eating. The satiety is a matter of personal experience. So an older person might make
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Beliefs strongly impact on food choices, particularly those religious people. Most religions have law or customs relating to food. Some foods are forbidden from being eaten, while others might symbolise an event. So older people might choose food based on their beliefs/religion. As an older person grew up they might have been told that for example Chinese food was bad for them. It's what they were told and what they believed in, so now 50 years on they might now know that this isn't true but they still sticking to their beliefs. Attitude: For example take a nice cooked piece of steak overed in mayonnaise. There's no reason why this combination of food can't be eaten, but for most people it just wouldn't appeal to them. What you think and feel about how certain foods should be eaten, reflect your attitudes to food. Your attitude towards something can change, as you are expose to different foods. Take the old man who strongly believed in pealing and boiling vegetables instead of buying the already cut, half cooked ones. His attitude is strongly against frozen vegetables. He believes that no meal taste good unless cooked and prepared with your own bare hand, but if you put the frozen vegetables into a white sauce I bet he won't even know the difference. So by exposing the old men to different types of making foods his attitude could change. Emotions: Your emotions trigger what you eat. For example an old lady may live all alone and so can
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