Facts About Hip Hop Culture

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om nothing into something.” Hip Hop culture has a rag to riches story of success. Early contributors, innovators, participants, and aficionados of Hip Hop culture never realized that the culture would be as influential and impactful locally and globally. Young, poor, talented, and urban kids innovatively created a multi-billion dollar industry. Who knew that two record players could be joined together with a few wire connections to create a best of both worlds sound? Who knew that Adidas track suits and sneakers could be fashionable? Who knew that breakdancing on a cardboard box could eventually lead you to dancing on stage and television shows in front of millions of people? On the 1996 Life After Death album; the Notorious B.I.G. coined what would become the goal for his life and anyone …show more content…

These sample verses from each artist allows the listeners to understand that before the hard work garnered fame, there was an enormous amount of growing pains. Hip Hop culture started from humble beginnings and innocent activities, such as dj’ing, graffiti, breakdancing, and mc’ing; and an occasional mention of beatboxing. Hip Hop culture served as the alternative for gang affiliations and illegal activities. Because the Hip Hop movement initially started with young impoverished teenagers, who sought to be creative and have fun, in

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