Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Fahrenheit 451 We live in a society where we go to school and we first learn to read then we read to learn, reading is where we get all our history, knowledge and facts. In the classic novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury everyone lives in a dystopian futuristic society where books are illegal and if anyone owns one their entire house gets burnt down. A character named Guy Montag has the job of an fireman and that requires him to burn books to create censorship in his society but eventually he meets characters such as Captain Beatty,Clariesse McClellans and Professor Faber that change his mind about everything he’s ever known. The first change he goes through is he stops being so clueless and he opens his eyes to the world around him. The next change is he becomes more interested in reading books than burning them. The last change is he becomes more strong and independent but also malicious in a way. In the beginning of the book Montag is just like any other member of his society until he meets his first influence,Clariesse McClellans his seventeen year old neighbor. She’s described as crazy by her uncle and an outsider by her peers. Montag and Clariesse meet when Montag is walking home from work. They get to talking and the first very impactful thing she says to Montag is on page seven at the end of their conversation she asks, “Are you happy?”. Just that alone sent Montag into a spiral of questions and that made him start to question everything because when she asked

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