Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is about a “hero” Guy Montag that realizes his world isn’t as it seemed before. The main character, Montag is a firefighter but in Montag’s society firefighters set fires and they burn books that people have banned instead of putting out fires since all their houses are fireproof so there is no need to be a normal firefighter that puts out fire. Clarisse, an almost 17 year old girl , helped Montag to stop and look around. Clarisse seems to represents nature and is a strange and mysterious character that tastes the rain, smells like strawberries and apricots, plays with flowers, and stops to look at the billboards when the whole society is busy moving fast. Her uncle is mentioned a lot whenever Montag talks to Clarisse and the uncle is to be inspiring her to be different. Near the end of chapter one Montag learns from his wife Mildred, that Clarisse had died from a car accident. Montag starts to read the books that he had hidden with Mildred and even takes on the subway. When Montag decides he needs help to change the world he goes to a former professor to form a plan to make a stand in the world. One of themes of Fahrenheit 451 is ignorance vs. knowledge which can be seen from the setting, characters, and plot.
The setting in the city is dark and very mechanical. Mildred had tried to kill herself and when Montag went to the hospital to see Mildred after they put her in the cobra like machine that drank all the bad water out of her.

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