Persuasive Speech On Failing Schools

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It is a fact that schools fail to educate at least thirty percent of students in high school in the USA alone. Now many people would argue that it is the student's fault as to why they are failing in school while others would believe that it is the education system and the teachers are to blame. What adults tend to see is that if the student skips class and doesn’t do their homework, then it is their fault as to why they failed in their classes. Not many adults realize that maybe the reasoning for some students lack of interest in school is simply because they aren’t being taught properly. In this speech that I am giving to you, I am going to give you three reasons as to why students are failing high school: Learning styles, Anxiety slash depression, and stress. By the end of this speech, I will provide you with ideas and solutions to each problem so one day there will be a higher success rate.

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Many people can have more than one strong learning style which is normal and can be beneficial in the classroom. But unfortunately, teachers usually only teach a classroom using one (Harsher tone with “one”) learning style. The one often used is auditory, when they are talking to you and giving lectures to you. The other main one would be reading and writing for when you have to do the work yourself and homework. The problem is that many people are visual learners and kinesthetic learners which is barely being used in a classroom. Think of it this way: Are you going to ask a fish to climb a tree and then grade how well they are able to do the task? Sounds a little ridiculous right? But that's the problem. What person would want to go to a class when a teacher is learning a learning style that isn’t best fit for them? What if a person actually is trying in class, but isn’t understanding correctly so they

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