Persuasive Essay : Why High School Students Drop Out?

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Hundreds of students drop out of high school each year because they become uninterested with the curriculum and thus lose the drive of learning. High school dropouts are less likely to become successful and happier than those who graduate high school. The majority of students who drop out of high school is because of the drastic learning curve that they have to adapt to. Consequences of dropping out can cause less opportunities for a student to obtain a good paying job, let alone a job that they enjoy. If this problem continues, then major damage will be done to America's economy and its future. Getting a census of what interests that the students have and then applying the census to the students' curriculum can cause students to have a greater interest in school.
Today, a high school education is considered to be a major stepping stone to becoming successful. Educators would go as far as to say that a high school education is the foundation of becoming successful. High school is the place where numerous things such as social experiences, rich opportunities, and academic achievement can occur. High school is a place begin to discover themselves and their potential careers. If a high school education is as important as educators and parents say it is, why are students still dropping out, even though they know the risk? High school students are disinterested with school and the way they learn. Giving students a change to voice their opinions can cause them to become more

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