Failures Of The Project Management System

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In reviewing a number of websites trying to garner support of IT Project Management, a rather clear picture has been presented. A staggering number of organizations do not properly employ IT project management, and, as a result, their projects tend to fail. On the opposite end of the spectrum, successful organizations utilize an IT project management system and their projects enjoy a much higher success rate.
Based off of the findings, one can conclude that in most organizations the track record for IT projects has been more than lackluster. With well over two-thirds of IT projects failing on an annual basis there are numerous articles documenting reasons for past failures as well as presenting methodologies to be used to prevent failures in future IT projects. Furthermore, it becomes clear that something must be changed in these organizations where the projects are failing.
Failings of the project manager to adequately manage IT projects are a resounding theme throughout the articles. This compounded with a lack of a formalized IT project management system is resulting in a general disdain within organizations when they hear of the next great IT project. In order to correct this deficiency, IT project management must become a priority.
In order to enact IT project management, the project managers must become trained and versed on what is required to successfully run IT projects. They must understand how to use the systems and resources available to them and meld this into a…
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